Durafresh Online

Durafresh Online has partnered with Durafresh Global, makers of the Durafresh Oral and Personal care system of products, to make oxygen-based oral and personal care accessible to you!

Through the efforts of top chemists and formulators in the USA, using high-tech innovations and breakthroughs in oral healthcare, Durafresh Online brings the very best oral and personal hygiene line of products to the market.
At the core of the entire product line is the time-honored value of safety first. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of continuous research, development, and testing (no animal testing) guarantee that all consumers benefit by using Durafresh products. Great efforts have been made in choosing All Natural, Effective, Safe and Environment Friendly ingredients.

And soon, Durafresh Online will introduce a new fresh COOL line of products that will sure delight all, even the KIDS!

The Durafresh line includes; a non-alcohol oral rinse, a toothpaste and whitener in one, an all purpose oral gel (for cold sores, sensitive gums, rashes and even insect bites), an odor prohibiting cream deodorant that protects for more than 24 hours, and the best alcohol-free, moisturizing hand cleansing gel in the market today. Also available is an effective line of pet-care products having the same set of benefits.

The key ingredient is “clO2” a Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide solution. Durafresh Global perfected the process and holds the patent for a stable, non-toxic, and a non-mutagenic clO2 aqueous solution that helps eliminate harmful germs responsible for common modern ailments. Durafresh is a most unique product line that surpasses all others!