Clinical Studies

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Summary as follows:

In the two studies conducted by a group of dentists from the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry in 2006, and quoted in the Journal of the Philippine Dental Association (Vol. 58, No.1), Durafresh Oral Rinse and Oral Gel showed encouraging results.

In one of the studies, Durafresh Oral Rinse was tested on 32 subjects (ages ranging from 31 to 81) with varying mouth problems. After four weeks, the evaluation of the clinical trial revealed the following:

  1. Pocket probing depth improves with the use of Durafresh Oral Rinse. Pocket depths decreased. This may be explained by the ability of the mouthrinse to reach the pocket areas, which are not usually reached by toothbrushing.
  2. Durafresh Oral Rinse hastened the healing of oral sores and provided a degree of palliative effect. Most lesions resolved within a week.
  3. Halitosis was significantly decreased with the use of Durafresh Oral Rinse; indicative of the potent action of chlorine dioxide in degrading volatile sulfur compounds.

The study further stated that Durafresh Oral Rinse:

  • does not contain alcohol; it is non-irritating to the mucosa
  • does not cause tooth-staining;
  • has relatively more pleasant taste
  • and thus, may prove to be more acceptable to elderly individuals whose sense of taste could be very discriminating

A second test was conducted this time on children as subjects. Twenty-seven children with ages 3 to 11 years suffering from various aphthous ulcer conditions were put on a regimen of Durafresh Oral Gel. Of the subjects, a control group was given hexetidine. Test group subjects that were treated with Durafresh Oral Gel showed “statistically significant improvement in the reduction of size of ulcerative lesions and marked improvement in the alleviation of acute symptoms.” Durafresh Oral Gel, according to the subjects, had a more acceptable taste and soothing effect than hexetedine which caused a stinging sensation due to its alcohol content. Durafresh also did not have staining effect.